CS GO Betting Odds

Betting csgo rightfully occupies a leading position among both players and betters around the world among a huge number of computer games.

Bookmakers have recently started developing online esports betting. From the first days, the new direction has won a huge number of fans and admirers.

This is a great opportunity to make money as bookmakers today offer a wide range of events to bet on. Fans of virtual entertainment can satisfy their thirst for excitement by placing a bet on matches.

Before making a bet, you need to understand all the nuances and subtleties of the game. Only when you become familiar with the basic principles of the game can you already place bets on CS: GO with money.

CSGO is a game that allows you to play with both bots and real people. Gamers have the opportunity to choose a map and one of the sides of the confrontation: terrorists, counter-terrorists.

Matches consist of several stages. The very first consists of fifteen rounds. After that, the teams must switch places. The winner will be the team with 16 wins.

Victory comes after detonating, clearing a bomb, or killing all opponents. Each player has a starting capital that depends on the outcome of the rounds. The larger the amount on the account, the better weapons the player can purchase, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Parimatch Betting on CSGO

In-play CS Go Betting at Parimatch

Bettors make bets on CS: GO in live mode, because bookmakers provide extensive lists of esports competitions.

Live betting has a number of competitive advantages:

  • The ability to personally assess the current form of teams;
  • the ability to watch live broadcasts of matches;
  • quick adjustment of rates based on the development of events in the game.

There are two types of handicap bets in CS:GO:

  • For the match;
  • to a separate card.

Experienced bettors choose handicap bets in a CS: GO match and bet on separate cards in live, observing the course of events and assessing the strengths of the parties.

Recommendations for betting on CS:GO:

  • Don't bet solely on one team: eSports sensations also happen. Strong teams lose to outsiders. Carefully analyze the lineups and playing tone of the teams so as not to make mistakes;
  • Consider the format of the tournament: in online tournaments, teams often perform more confidently than in open areas with spectators. In the second case, psychological stability often comes to the fore, which predetermines the outcome of the battle;
  • Do not neglect the analysis of the history of oppositions between teams;
    take into account the team's ability to play on a particular map;
    do not bet in a prematch without preliminary analysis: if you want to bet, then play live;
Parimatch Betting on CSGO

Parimatch CS GO Bonus Offers

Bookmaker Parimatch provides various bonuses for csgo betting. Namely:

  • Cash bonus - the amount that the bookmaker credits the player on certain conditions. For example, a player has made a deposit of € 70. For this, the bookmaker can award the player a cash bonus in the amount of 100% of the deposit amount, that is, 70 euros. Thus, the player already has 140 euros in his account, but he cannot simply withdraw money. The player must place bets several times for the bonus amount. How many times it is, each bookmaker decides for himself. You can either place 3 bets for the bonus amount, or one bet for an amount that is three times the bonus amount. Also, the bookmaker can set the rule of the minimum odds.
  • Free bet or free bonus is the amount of money that is credited to a player for a bet. This amount is usually lower than in the case of a cash bonus and is for betting only - the free bet is not real money. In case of winning, the player receives money except for the amount of the bet itself. In case of loss, he does not lose anything. However, the bookmaker can often set additional conditions for using a free bonus: wagering requirements.
  • Refund or Refund is a certain amount that the bookmaker returns to the player in case the bet loses. The bookmaker can set the conditions under which the bonus works. For example, a player must bet only on a certain event in order to receive a return on the bet in case of a loss, or an agreed event must occur during a match, etc. This type of bonus is in high demand as it allows you to play without risk. Even if your first bet falls short of expectations, you will get your funds back. Of course, do not forget about the conditions of the bonus - additional rules may be indicated there.

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CS:GO Live Betting Tips

Bookmakers place bets on CSGO tournaments. The matches are held with the participation of teams of professionals; their principle of holding is practically no different from ordinary sports competitions.

It is necessary to bet money according to a certain scheme: with two teams participating, there can be 3 options for the outcome of the battle.

Often, bookmaker websites use statistical data from past matches and fights and set a coefficient that directly affects the amount of the win.

Before betting money on cyber sports, you should pay attention to the number of percentages next to the names of the teams, which means how many people from the total number of bettors have chosen it.

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