LOL Betting Odds

There are the following types of calculations lol betting odds:

  • Analytical: the result is obtained by studying statistics. This method is often used by professional players;
  • Heuristic: even novice players can figure it out here. Based on the study of the opinions of other players, professional forecasters and analysts.

Separately, it should be noted that the odds displayed in the bookmaker's line already contain pledged profit - the so-called bookmaker's margin. So the true probability may be slightly higher than the odds show.

Parimatch Betting on LOL

In-play LOL Betting at Parimatch

In the modern world, many make esports lol betting at Parimatch. It's fun, exciting and profitable. And everyone will be able to choose their favorite game for themselves in order to enjoy the process and win large sums, which are paid in financial equivalent in bookmaker Pari-Match for victories. For you - the opportunity to place bets on League of Legends. You can find out more about this on the lol betting website and place your bets, choosing your free time and having fun.

League of Legends is an iconic MOBA video game with a huge following. And each match in LoL is interesting and exciting, each has its own unique events that are not similar to the previous ones. Even if there is more than a thousand skating rink behind, there is still a lot of interesting things ahead.

An influential cyber discipline with impressive foundations, League of Legends is becoming increasingly popular for sports bettors. Top clubs are fighting for the main prize, while absolutely everyone is able to make money on championships - both beginners and pros in the virtual world of esports betting. To do this, it is enough to understand the mechanics of LoL, as well as to know the meta and lineups of teams, the style of play of each of its members.

Parimatch Betting on LOL

Parimatch League of Legends Bonus Offers

On their websites, bookmakers that give bonuses set a fixed rate (for example, from 10 to 50 units of a certain currency) or a percentage depending on the amount of the deposit or the size of the bet, but not more than a certain maximum. To receive such a "gift", you need to carefully study the criteria for granting a bonus, withdrawing it and using it. Mistakes that betters make, depriving the prescribed bonuses:

  • Incorrectly entered bonus code;
  • Failure to comply with the rules of the drawing.

You can get a lot of bonuses at Parimatch, do lol esports betting and make money with pleasure.

League of Legends Events

No sooner had the heroes exhaled after defeating Viego as part of the Guardians of the Light event, when a new attack descended on the Summoner's Rift - the ancient forces, having enlisted the support of sorcerers, again began to gather their followers, so the Coven themed event started in the MOBA League of Legends.

This event is dedicated to the skins from the "High Witches" and "Old Gods" series released with the recent 11.16 update, and it is represented by a set of special tasks and the corresponding pass, which allow users to earn special tokens, which can then be exchanged for various cosmetic items and other pleasant rewards ...

The activity will be available for a whole month, until September 14, 09:59 Moscow time, while closer to the end of summer, August 26, images from the "Nightmares of the Crime City" line will still be released. Also, the developers bring to the attention of the community the official theme of the "Coven".

During this period, lol betting will be especially relevant. Don't miss out on your winnings on lol betting sites.