How to choose a player to bet

In Starcraft 2, tournaments are held not only between single athletes, but also entire teams. In both cases, the personality of each player and a number of features play an important role:

  • the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete;
  • mental condition;
  • motivation and chosen tactics;
  • resistance to stress during the game;
  • individual craftsmanship.

In the game, the element of randomness is completely insignificant for the athlete personally, and the player's victory depends on several important components:

Microcontrol (the skill of controlling one or several units, requires concentration and quick reaction, as well as a good knowledge of the abilities of the units).

Macro-game (the skill of managing a large army and the economy at the same time, it is necessary to correctly divide the army into components and units, as well as constantly build new bases and extract resources).

A game of reason (it is very important to be able to beat an opponent by deceiving him, for example, to make it clear that you are using one strategy, and then abruptly switch to another).

If at least one of these characteristics of an athlete is at zero or qualitatively loses to the opponent's abilities, then it will be extremely easy to predict the outcome of the meeting. Also, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the past favorites or champions of the tournaments, as well as how their opponents performed in the game.

What else you need to know about a StarCraft 2 player

  • The player's success rate against a specific race.
  • On which map the player performed best, and which one was worse.
  • Whether the player is using aggressive strategies.
  • Is the player better or worse in terms of micromanagement than the opponent.
  • What is the situation with the player with microcontrol.
  • What is the effectiveness of the player with a certain unit, are there any favorite bundles of combat units.
  • A deep knowledge of the player's history and growth in esport will be very helpful.
  • Player's uniform during the tournament.

How to place winning StarCraft 2 bets

The accuracy of the predictions for Starcraft 2 betting depends on the knowledge of the rules, the tournament situation and information about the participants (representative of which country, playing race, etc.). There is a certain sequence of comparison between players that allows you to predict the results of the game and your Starcraft betting:

  • The success rate on the player's chosen map against a specific race / player.
  • The presence of non-standard strategies.
  • Any useful information about the player: duration of the game, statistics of victories, his APM (number of clicks per second), as well as past victories or participation in serious competitions.

This information can be found on thematic sites and platforms. In addition, you can use the video recording of the match, which was made during the live broadcast.

Starcraft Betting Strategies

It is interesting, but it is impossible to predict the correct outcome of a match without a certain experience and a rich baggage of knowledge of all the nuances and subtleties of StarCraft2 strategy. During the game, the balance of power is constantly changing from one side to the other. Gamers who know how to compete in StarCraft2 are already in a winning position, as their knowledge becomes a real help in the fight against the bookmaker.

Starcraft 2 real money betting

Most often, fights are held 1 on 1, but there are also team matches. In the second case, it will be more difficult to conduct detailed analytics, therefore it is recommended to do esports betting Starcraft only for those players who are well versed in strategy.

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