Advantages and disadvantages of a casino VIP

    If you are a regular visitor to casinos, it is wonderful to be treated with all due respect. That in itself already happens in many casinos, but it is of course a degree worse if they welcome you because of the high amounts you always bet. Gamblers who continuously gamble with a lot of money are called high rollers. High rollers are pampered. Rightly so. What would you do if you have a shop and someone comes every week to buy everything empty? Amazing, right? That feels the same for a casino when a high roller or a VIP visits the casino. Which privileges can a VIP or a high roller actually use?

    Cashcow in casino

    Are you one of those? Are you one of those who spend mega sums in casinos – whether or not one online casino? In addition to the title of VIP or high roller, you are also a cash cow. The cash cow – also comparable to the Dutch cash cow – can be seen as someone from whom a casino earns quite a bit. A cash cow does not mind spending a lot of money and tipping the employees of a casino a decent amount. Conversely, that good feeling also applies. Such a VIP feels that he is treated better than just any other visitor. He can and can enjoy the many advantages that a casino has to offer him. High-Limit Slots & Table Games | Yaamava' Resort & Casino

    Casino VIP benefits

    First, a VIP can have free drinks in a casino. What such a person orders one evening of drink, is nothing compared to what he spends on that same evening. Let us not tire such a person with the request to pay 2 dollars 50 for his apple juice. That also applies to the food. The food is also free for him. In a prominent casino, there is always a restaurant where you can order the most exclusive dishes. You can't afford to say no when a high roller is craving a venison steak. What is striking is that, if necessary, the meat is cut for the good man. Why would that be? Well, the casino would prefer this high roller to return to the roulette table as soon as possible. After all, he is not supposed to sit down to dinner all evening.

    Higher Limits

    The bet often determines the amount of the prize be won. Since high rollers and VIPs like to win big, the aim is to keep the limits and possible bets as high as possible. Only then does it get interesting. You should not think that you offer a high roller a game where he can only bet with 5 euro cents. If you want to be sure that the VIP leaves your casino screaming, then you should do the latter. The disadvantage, however, is that due to these high limits, even the rich gentlemen and ladies could quickly run out of their budget, while we want to have these people inside for as long as possible.