Brand Holland Casino Groningen investigated

    On August 27 the city center of Groningen was full of smoke. The Holland Casino Groningen burned down almost completely on that day. Local residents were evacuated and the underlying parking garage, containing dozens of cars, was also lost. An investigation has recently been conducted into the cause of the fire and into the actions of the fire brigade in this dangerous situation. In this article, we tell you more about it.

    Brand Holland Casino Groningen originated on the ground floor

    The spot where the fire started was found on the ground floor, in a small space behind the cash register at the bar of the Holland Casino Groningen. How this could have happened, however, has not been discovered by the researchers. Although a security guard from the casino first tried to put out the fire himself, to no avail. The fire was able to spread very quickly and, among other things, reach the entire building through the ventilation system.

    Fire brigade quickly on site

    It only took six minutes for the fire brigade to arrive at the casino fire. However, it took some time before the fire brigade was called in before the fire was discovered. This is because there was no smoke detector in the specific small room where the fire started. By the time firefighters arrived, the fire was already at an advanced stage. Due to the enormous smoke development, the fire brigade was barely able to perform extinguishing activities in the building. According to the researchers, the decision to extinguish the fire from the outside was the right choice. The danger of collapse was very real and the smoke and fire development further complicated the matter.

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    Safe contents secured

    Earlier we wrote on that the contents of the safe could be secured. What exactly was in this, however, has not appeared in the media. The demolition of the Holland Casino Groningen is now making rapid progress. Due to the location of the property in the center of the city and the many homes and businesses adjacent to the property, this is a complex operation that has already taken several months to complete.

    No new location yet

    Although the Holland Casino is considering several options, no new location has yet been found in Groningen. This procedure has been going on for months now and the question is now whether the Holland Casino will return to Groningen at all. Due to the likely sale of the state casino in 2020, there are doubts about this.