Casino loses high roller

    In previous news items, we have already discussed the phenomenon of a high roller. A high roller is usually seen as a person who spends a lot of money in casinos. This gambler is treated with all due respect and can even use the most beautiful hotel rooms, is driven in the largest limousines, and can visit the most fantastic live shows after gambling. And all at the expense of the casino. Every effort is made to maintain a high roller for the casino in question. Casinos are terrified that a high roller – some spend hundreds of millions a year – decides to look elsewhere. Yet it sometimes happens. We discuss a separate case.

    High roller in China

    A remarkable case is the Chinese billionaire Shao Dongming. He – one of the most successful entrepreneurs in China – managed to gamble 140 million dollars in three days. That's a lot of money, even for a billionaire. Still, it should not be a problem for him to cough up the amount and therefore just pay. But this gentleman was not interested in that. He decided not to pay and reasoned, “They can all go up the tallest tree.” The casino logically reacted with bewilderment. There is, however, a questionable smell about this man's enormous wealth. Dongming maintains close contact with the Chinese Communist Party. It also turns out that he often visits the mayor of Shanghai. In short: people are not entirely sure that this man got his money legally. Casino Job - Hotel Cujas Pantheon

    Threatening with captivity

    Because this man initially refused to pay, the casino in question decided to increase the pressure. The casino was not thanked for that. Doodleuk was told that if they continued to try to collect the amount of 140 million dollars, a long stay in a Chinese cell could be the result. Those responsible at the casino were therefore kindly but urgently requested - because of Dongming's contacts with the judiciary and politics in Shanghai - to stop increasing the pressure to come to a payment arrangement. Dongming's literal words were: "Whoever causes me trouble will go to jail." Just a few weeks earlier, President Xi Jinping promised the Chinese people to end corruption in the country. In this case, the president could not back down his words and was more or less obliged to have Dongming prosecuted. In Macau, a lawsuit was filed by the casino. The verdict is not yet known, but Dongming is expected to face a very severe sentence. The fact is – and that is of course not a pleasant thing for the casino – that one has lost a high roller. Someone who spends 140 million dollars in three days, they naturally want to keep within the gates. But that is no longer possible.