Speculations about temporary location Holland Casino

    Martiniplaza and a location on Sontplein are the intended locations for a temporary gambling palace to replace the burnt-down Holland casino in Groningen on Kattendiep. Spokesperson Lukas Burgering of the casino chain indicates that they are not yet sure where the temporary location should be.

    Clarity at the end of the year

    After the fire, it was already said that a replacement casino would be opened. This should be clarified by the end of the year. But that doesn't seem so easy. Finding a replacement location for the casino on the Kattendiep is difficult because of the various requirements that such a building must meet.


    On Sunday 27 August, the Holland Casino in Groningen burned down. The building was quickly finished. Although guards quickly arrived, there was little to save from the casino. Local residents had to temporarily leave their homes to demolish the casino. They generally did so without complaining. People found shelter with family, friends, and some in a hotel nearby.


    The demolition of the casino had to be carried out in phases. There was a danger of collapse and the building was difficult to reach because it was built in. In addition, there was asbestos in the building of the Holland Casino. That fact imposed even more restrictions on the demolition of the building. Asbestos may only be removed during certain periods of the year.

    Possible locations

    The search for an alternative location for the burned-down casino started immediately. That led to a lot of speculation. V&D, the Faun (former Zara), and the NDC Mediagroep building on the Lübeckweg were mentioned as possible locations for the temporary casino. Still, choosing a building for a casino, even if it concerns a temporary casino, is not that easy. Holland Casino Nijmegen

    Sharp demands

    A building that lends itself to housing a casino must meet specific requirements. The building must be able to remain open until late at night, to begin with. There must also be sufficient possibilities to secure the property and of course, parking and space for the slot machines must be considered. Slot machines require a lot of power. Often a separate power supply is required. The accessibility of a casino must also be considered. And these are just a few of the examples of requirements that a building must meet for a casino. Which location will be suitable to open a temporary casino, remains the question for a while.

    Holland Casino

    The Holland Casino chain is doing well economically. Whether this is due to the new CEO Erwin van Lambaart is of course always difficult to estimate. In any case, the fact remains that the turnover of Holland Casino in the first half of 2017 increased to 309 million dollars.


    What is striking about the figures is that more people visited the casino in the same period of the year before, but they spent less during that visit. This made the growth in turnover possible. Van Lambaart is pleased with the developments and speaks positively about the company's resilience.

    On course

    To maintain this course and to grow further, policy adjustments and investments will be made. More games will be offered. Attention will also be paid to the quality of the employees. The casino fire in Groningen came as a blow, but one that the casino can absorb. It is not yet known exactly what the damage will be.