The end of the Marvel slot machines

    Marvel Entertainment had long-term license agreements for the use of its comic characters with Playtech and Amaya Gaming, among others. In 2009, however, the Walt Disney Company took over Marvel Entertainment. The California-based company is known for its strict rejection of gambling. An extension of the agreements was therefore not possible under the new owners. Playtech lost some of the most popular products, many partner casinos of the British software manufacturer advertised in prominent positions with the world-famous characters. The “Age of the Gods” series is to serve as a direct replacement, which will also take over the joint jackpot previously fed by the Marvel slots. For some Marvel titles there is a direct Age of the Gods counterpart that has the same functions and only differs optically:
    • Iron Man 2 - Age of the Gods: King of Olympus
    • The Incredible Hulk - Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus
    • Fantastic Four - Age of the Gods: Furious Four
    • The Avengers - Age of the Gods
    • Elektra - Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom
    Playtech's Marvel Slots will be removed The success of these “substitute games” will show whether the game principle or the topic made the appeal for the customers. However, the software manufacturer is also working on alternatives for comic fans.

    Playtech will continue to rely on comics in the future

    Playtech continues to adhere to the concept of comic strip licenses for its slot machines. To compensate for the loss of the Marvel licenses, an initial partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products was agreed in 2016, which has since been expanded to include additional licenses. The media company holds the rights to the characters from DC Comics - Marvel's great rival. Several slot machines have already emerged from this, including titles such as "Batman & The Joker Jewels" and "Batman & Catwoman Cash", which are based on the Batman TV series of the 1960s. Further top-class DC comic licenses will result in game adaptations such as Batman vs. Superman and The Dark Knight trilogy. There will be no shortage of comic slots even without Disney.