Among a wide range of institutions in the gaming industry, a special niche is occupied by licensed bookmakers, such as BC Parimatch. The advantages of online establishments are that only officially registered clubs have the right to carry out their activities. The license gives a guarantee for transparent and honest service, this is, of course, a clear advantage for players, the risk of non-payment of the won funds is minimized. Plus, licensing entitles the bookmaker itself to pay tax collections honestly in the state in which it operates and legally operate within the framework of the law. Having registered with the Tax Service and obtained the licenses of SRO and TSUPIS, Parimatch has become a licensed company that can officially operate in the Indian Federation.

Official bookmakers in India with a license

There are few official bookmakers in the Indian Federation, and one of them is Parimatch, which holds a leading position in the BK 2019 ranking. The Online Gaming TaxAtion Act came out in 2014 to regulate the flow of online sports betting and to block offshore betting shops operating in other states. Thus, the legislation sided with the batters, who, often turning to illegal gambling houses, remained deceived. It is difficult to return the winnings or somehow to challenge the decision to block funds on the illegal site, as their license is issued in other countries (Malta, Cyprus, Canaries). Such bookmakers are blocked in the Indian Federation, but experienced betters often find a way to bypass the bans, changing IP addresses or installing special programs on devices. Of course, it is difficult to prohibit such actions at the legislative level, but many players do not realize the complexity of the situation.

Official bookmakers with a license in India are working steadily, and their participants do not need to look for Parimatch mirrors or ways to bypass locks. It should be noted that taxes on the winnings pay both the better and the bookmaker, the bet for all is equal - 13 percent. This amount is a guarantee for the player, in case of difficulties he can apply to the TSUPIS or SRO to bring the organizer to justice. And if users trust illegal companies, they can only hope for honesty, conscience and desire to preserve the reputation of B.C., because no one gives guarantees. In confirming online licensing, the institution must have:

  • The license of the Federal Tax Service;
  • 30 million rupees of capital;
  • membership of the SRO and THE TSUPIS!

Thus, indicating the transparency of their intentions to the players, BC win the leading position in the ranking of the most profitable clubs.

Parimatch: honesty and openness

Today, one of the official bookmakers with a license in India is Parimatch. This name has been loud among batters from all over the world for 25 years - the brand has long won the love and affection of the players. Sports, politics and showbiz betting offers this holding, the range of events is wide: from the most famous to the exotic. The high rate ratio, quick payouts and loyalty to residents allowed the club to take one of the leading places in the B.C. rankings for 2019. Users on the site can watch live broadcasts of tournament events, 24 hours a day to the support center and withdraw money in the most convenient way. Parimatch is one of the licensed bookmakers where participants can earn money.