The odds of betting is a numerical multiplier, reflecting the probability of the outcome of the event, in the bookmaker Parimatch this value is expressed in the form of a decimal fraction. Employees of institutions, analyzing possible results, provide chances of their execution in the mural of each event. Many factors are taken into account to calculate this indicator: statistics, training of participants, others. Bettors do their own analysis and try to make money on deals with good odds in the bookmaker Parimatch.

Odds types in BC Parimatch

Odds for betting are divided into three types. The most familiar for Europe - decimals, there are also negative and positive, fractional.

  • European - presented in the form of a decimal fraction!
  • British - fractional, calculate by the ratio of net profit to the size of the bet!
  • American - positive, negative. The first type speaks about the amount of net profit at the sum of deposits of 100 conditional units. The second is the amount of the deposit, at which the user will receive a profit of 100 conditional units!

All options are easily recalculated from one option to another. Bookmaker Parimatch Match offers a mural with a European type of multipliers.

The value is inversely proportional to the chances of the forecast being executed. The higher the possibility of winning, the lower the option is set by the administration of the company. These metrics can be changed by the company's acceptance of forecasts for the outcome of events. In live mode, they change depending on the events during the competition and the advantage of a participant.

The parameters include not only the net probability of the forecast, but also the margin. The term refers to the income of a betting establishment, regardless of the player's loss or winnings. The size of the margin depends on the company and varies from 2% to 20% from different bookmakers, each of which tries to combine attractive parameters in the murals and the amount of income. This indicator experienced cappers take into account when choosing a gambling establishment and strategy of the game, before predicting the options of the final of the competition.

BC Parimatch has different offers for its customers, and one of them is "Match" in which deals are made on increased multipliers, and the margin is only 2%. Varying the amount of contribution and return from it, analytical abilities and intuition help batters to earn at competitions in sports and other events. Whatever the odds, the main thing is the good attitude and mood of each visitor. Convenient payment systems and all sorts of bonuses from Parimatch Match is something that can make everyone a little happier.