Different types of Parimatch sports betting - the ability to predict the results of events and earn on betting. There are general options suitable for different disciplines - hockey, tennis, basketball. They are divided into single, multiple and additional. The simplest is the resident, where you need to predict one result. In the express money is put at once on 2-3 totals, for example, the winners of different matches are selected. Their combination is called the system - it is another type of sports betting Parimatch with high odds.

In Parimatch sports betting to earn money

Among the types of sports betting common in Parimatch are popular residents due to the simple calculation of winnings. It is better for beginners to bet on one outcome - P1 (success of the home team), P2 (guest victory), X (draw). The reward is calculated simply: the ratio is multiplied by the amount at stake. According to expert advice, it is advantageous to bet on a double chance because of the minimum risk. 2 out of 3 possible results will be won. There are three options available to The Batters:

  • 12 - no draw;
  • 1H - unbeaten first opponent;
  • X2 - the second enemy!

If you're successful in predicting in this form Parimatch Sports Betting the payout will be less than in the ordinary. But it is much easier to predict the probability of an outcome. You should bet only with 100% certainty that the chosen team will not lose.

A better handicap ( or minus), with which the weak participant is given an advantage to equalize the chances. Suitable for fights between a complete outsider and an absolute leader, when no one doubts the success of the favorite. It remains to predict the score or difference in the number of goals.

Professionals use strategies to make bets on totals. They guess the number of goals scored or sent to the basket, the points scored by opponents, the total score on the principle of more/less. With TB 3.25, the bet will be successful if the participants score 4 or more goals during the meeting. Who gets the victory, does not play a role.

How to choose additional outcomes online

When betting online in live it is easier to bet on additional outcomes. Unlike pre-match, during the broadcast of the meeting you can observe the behavior of athletes and make bets during the fight. It is predicted to receive yellow cards, the presence of corners or penalties. You can bet on a time match, predicting the results of the first stage and the competition in general. Professionals draw conclusions within 20 minutes of the game.

In Parimatch, sports betting types include Express, where the bookmaker sets the most advantageous odds. You have to predict 3 or more events. There are limits on the maximum amount.